Knowledge Mapping with MindMeister: Tutorials

"To collate all of our product information, we’ve created one incredibly intricate mind map on MindMeister. The product mind map acts as both a knowledge map, including all existing company information on the product, and a home for all our new ideas."

Cory Scott

Founder and CEO of LiveBy

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Collaborative Mind Mapping

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With Knowledge Mapping, companies are able to capture, preserve and share collective team knowledge.

With the next three tutorials, you’ll learn how to:

Collaborative Knowledge Mapping

Get started with collaborative knowledge mapping, in order to build your collective team intelligence.

Empower your employees and strengthen their networks

"Som Mobilitat is a decentralised organisation. We therefore built a knowledge map with MindMeister, making it easy for us to share the knowledge we’ve gained, and continue to gain, with new groups in new cities. We also encourage these groups to share their learnings with the rest of the community, using the knowledge platform."

Ricard Jornet 

Founder of Som Mobilitat, Mobility Coop

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Identify and Share Knowledge Assets

Learn what knowledge assets are and how to capture them in this tutorial video on identifying and sharing your team’s knowledge assets.

Build a Navigation Experience

Learn what a knowledge domain is and how to design a navigation experience using MindMeister.

Identify and share knowledge assets 

Build your collective knowledge with Knowledge Mapping

Create a navigation experience for your team

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